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Hi and welcome to the, about me page.

 This is the page where l will explain a little bit about myself, and why l set up this web site.  


Ok! To make a long story short in 1987 after successfully completing year 11, and two years TOP Art and Design l was at a crossroads; should l find work or try and create a successful business instead?

 So for the next 13 years l was in and out of several jobs ranging from a Stained-glass business to Computer publishing and T-shirt design to name a few.


In between this l was trying every creative business idea that would allow me to do something l enjoyed and make a lot of money or at least an income!

I tried Stained-glass butterflies, Ceramics, Mouse-mats  to name a few.


But unfortunately with the possible exception of T-shirts all of these ideas have a serious flaw in that you have to put a certain amount of effort in to get a set amount of cash out.


Sure l could have spent up to 10 years in abject poverty in Ceramics for example to make an income, hopefully substantial.


But after so many years of trying to find the product that was going to take off, (like it does on TV) and failing, l didn't want to go down that path and didn't believe that l deserved to after so many years of effort!


And after realising the limitations of all the business ideas l tried in the past and the rags to riches stories on TV, (the vast majority either where very lucky or had successful parents) l realised that a serious rethink of my career options was in order.


At this time the Internet was coming of age and even though l kept hearing the usual rags to riches stories these seemed more plausible or could be reached by the majority of people who tried it. The Internet was relatively new in a commercial sense so l thought that it was worth looking into because it could really work!



I knew that initially l wanted to do an e-book and do what the majority of people out there were doing.



Try and set up a web site selling an e-book, etc on a site with little content or worth of its own.

Unfortunately the vast majority of  web businesses out there don't work (are virtually invisible to Search engines) unless you advertise heavily.


Even sites that cost tens of thousands of dollars to create, may not have any real traffic!

Then through luck l borrowed a book from my local library, l think it was called "The Dummies guide to Web site development."


I learned a lot about SEO, (Search Engine Optimization) through that book, or becoming successful through offering great content on a website.


  So the only viable way of getting the Search-Engines attention to bring in more and more free traffic (SE,s love high quality, relevant content) is to give you tons of free info,.


And in order to effectively develop a profitable site building it on a solid foundation and in a way that Google likes, quality is paramount.


Thank you for visiting the, about me page.   

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